8th Grade Art

Students will be choosing a theme and working within that theme for the course. They will explore how the content of the work changes using different media and styles, and work as artists to find the best way to express their content to an audience.

  • Collaborative Puzzle Drawings (can be found in the Media Center)
  • Still Life Drawings
Theme Based Projects
  • Allegorical Still Life Drawings
  • Logo Paintings
  • Coil Pots
  • Paper Jewelry
More Projects will be added as we move through the semester.

This calendar includes dates for all final in-class work days.  These dates will be updated as they are determined.  This date indicates the last day that students will be given time to work on each project during class.  After this date if a student has not finished their project it becomes homework due by the end of the quarter (November 2).